Car Smash

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smash a Car.  We can even add a logo to the car itself.  Do you dislike a specific college or professional sports team?  spray paint it all you want.  up to 15 people can participate in the car smash! one hour event  spray paint included up to 3 colors.

The car Smash package includes the following

-Car or truck with intact tires with air, windows all the way around, tail lights and headlights

-Experience for up to 12 people (protective gear included) (No limit for number of observers)

-Choice of 8 destructive tools (pick axe, sledgehammer, bowling pin, frying pan, indestructible baseball bat, steel baseball bat, golf club, hammer)

-Go pro footage (Gopro mounted on helmet) see example here 

-60 minute session

-bottled water for participants

-2 cans of spray paint to write whatever you want on the car

-Climate Controlled room

-surprise gift after your session

-bluetooth speaker with music of your choice (or bring in your own music)

-No Cleanup!

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